The Cryin' King

by wootbot

New Films

Have you heard of these great new movies coming out?

Leaked meeting minutes from a recent meeting between studio executives discussing Lion King spinoff films:

  • The Mayan King: not about Mayans. Just about a Lion named Maya. 
  • The Fryin' King: something about Lions cooking.
  • The Sighin' King: ironic lions who aren't impressed with anything.
  • The Tryin' King: about a lion who tries to be king but never totally figures it out. But A for effort, right?
  • The Cayenne King: sequel to The Fryin' King, but about spicy food maybe?
  • The Dryin' King: there's a passage through the dryer that leads to a land of lions. That hasn't been done before, right?

All projects have been green lit!