The Devourer

by wootbot

Devourer Of Macaroons

Silver-Age Marvel = drugs & mythology 

"Hey Jack." 

"Hey Stan." 

"I've got a great idea."

"Well, I'm a little busy trying to figure out how to draw pure sentience…" 

"Forget all that, Jack. This one's gonna be a real humdinger -- an eldritch twist on pre-historic cosmology…" 

"…Here we go..." 

"A villain who transcends the commonplace conceptions of good and evil…who exists in a plane of astral torment all his own…" 


"A celestial Titan that emerged from a time before time, who must feed on planets to feed his unceasing, Sisyphean struggle against eternal hunger." 

"OK. Got it." 


"Yup. I'm thinking purple." 


"Yeah. A big purple guy." 

"All right, Jack. But will it convey a Yahweh-like entity of awful power?" 

"I'll give him a big helmet."