The Electric Clash

by wootbot


There are always some qualifiers. 

Gotta catch 'em all*! 


  • Make sure you catch them in a grounded environment. 
  • Do not attempt to catch them barehanded. Always make sure you are wearing protective rubber gloves. 
  • Do not catch them in or around water. 
  • When you catch them, do not hold them over your head in a lightning storm. 
  • Do not hold them and then shake hands with your friends as a prank. It's not funny. 
  • If you actually catch them ALL, don't try to put them together to make a car battery. They're capable of so much more.
  • Do not try to add them to your pop band to make it an electro-pop band.
  • Do not use them in lieu of candles during a power outage. 
  • DO use them to add some real electricity to the Electric Slide. Let's bring it back!