The Elemental Eatery

by wootbot

What To Expect When You're Expecting To Make Nerd Jokes

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Nerds are wonderful, and so are nerd jokes. Nerdery encompasses a near-infinite panoply of reference points, minutiae, and trivia for the comedically inclined. Want to make a joke about C++? You'll have a captive audience. Deep Space Nine? Have at it, intrepid humorist.

But beware: The great potential power of nerd humor comes with equally great risk. For if you make a mistake, omission, or even minor inexactitude in your reference, your audience will rip you apart like a pack of hounds. The nerds giveth, and the nerds eviscerate you if you mess up.

We here at Woot are all too familiar with the travails of nerd humor. It's our bread and butter, and our curse. We're nerds -- no question, but there will always be a dozen higher-ranked nerds whose knowledge of the Marvel Universe far exceeds are own, and who are extraordinarily willing to correct us on our faults.

Frankly, we don't know enough about the Periodic Table to know exactly how this shirt design will be nit-picked. We're vaguely aware that some new elements were recently added that are probably not on this design, and that could be a kiss of death right there.

So have at it, ye hounds.

Wear this shirt: and see if you can collect all the stains.

Don't wear this shirt: around Daniel Radcliffe.

This shirt tells the world: "Food is actually composed of smaller bits of food."

We call this color: The chemical symbol for Navy is Pm, weirdly.