The Gourmet

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #328: Food, with 187 votes

"I caught some cod. What about you?"

"I was diving for sardines, but all I managed to get was mackerel. Chris, what'd you get?"

"Bento box."


"Whoa, how'd you get a bento box?"

"How do you get an ACTUAL bento box is the real question. Seriously, this is a couple pieces of sashimi and a California roll. Can you say ripoff?"

"But, how did you GET a bento box?"

"Um, I ordered it? Seriously, I know we're ostensibly three birds on a block of ice, but that doesn't mean we can't use our BRAINS for a second."

"You ordered it? From where?"

"Somewhere I'm never going to order from again, that's where. Seriously, this poor excuse for a bento box is a borderline Yelpable offense."

"But wait, how did you pay for it?"

"With money. Again guys, let's think for, like, two seconds before we ask questions."

"You have money?"

"Did you find it?"

"No, I earned it at my modeling job."

"You model?"

"Yeah. For a Shirt site. You probably haven't heard of it."