The Last Supprrrrrr

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #310: Double-Take Derby , with 169 votes!


Cat 1: Hey, did you hear? It's the last sup-purrr!

Cat 2: Great! I was feline pretty hungry!

Cat 3: Are we going to a sit-down place? I've got somewhere to be, so I can't stay fur long.

Cat 1: Where are you going? Catmandu?

Cat 2: I bet she's got a man who's coming to whisker away.

Cat 3: It's none of your business so let's put a paws on this conversation, please.

Cat 1: Oooh, someone's getting catty!

Cat 2: What, did we stir up something unfortunate from your hiss-tory?

Cat 3: Nah, I'm just feeling a little Russian blue.

Cat 1: Aww, sorry you're feeling a litter down.

Cat 2: Yeah, swipe those tears away.

Cat 3: Shucks, I'd be lion if I said you two weren't the best friends a girl could have.

Cat 1: Wait, what were we talking about?