The Long Goodbye

by wootbot

My Farewell

Bye to the best (and prettiest) satellite ever.

The thing about Voyager 1 is that it will never really die, mostly because it's a satellite and was never alive to begin with. 

But to some of us Voyager 1 was so much more than that. For us, it was proof of ingenuity, a symbol of scientific advancement, and maybe even something we wanted to kiss in a sexy but tasteful way (c'mon, 'mysterious' is sexy, and what's more mysterious than a satellite that's leaving our solar system and never coming back!).

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that we'll always have our memories of Voyager 1. Over time those memories will fade or grow distorted. We might not be able to remember exactly how it worked or exactly what it looked like. We might remember it being a different color or a different shape or having long blond hair and lips to facilitate the kissing I mentioned earlier. But that doesn't matter; the point is we honor its memory.

So yeah, Voyager 1 will never really die. It'll live on in our hearts forever. And also in my screenplay, which is called The Boy and The Satellite, which is a romantic comedy, emphasis on the 'romantic.' ;)