The Narwhal

by wootbot

We Apologize for What You're About to Read

A nice narwhal shirt calls for some terrible narwhal jokes!

Q: How do two civilized narwhals settle their differences?
A: By having a pointed discussion.

Q: Why did the Narwhal choose to vacation in Italy?
A: Because he thought he'd fit right in in TUSCany.

Q: What did the easy-going narwhal with a southern accent say when he learned he was a mammal?
A: "Whale, that's okay."

Q: Why is it so hard to tell an old narwhal from a young narwhal?
A: Because they all look so long in the tooth.

Q: What did the sea captain say to the narwhal who punctured the hull of his ship?
A: "Whal nar ya gone and done it!"

Wear this shirt: to meet NBA Legend Bill Narwhalton.

Don't wear this shirt: through the wardrobe into Narwhalnia.

This shirt tells the world: "I'm not tired of narwhals at all. In fact, you could say, I haven't hit the nar-wall!"

We call this color: I've got the narwhal white where I want it!