The Offering

by wootbot

The Horn-God Delusion

"I don't believe in the horned sky-god."

"What? You can't be serious."

"I am. I've thought about it long and hard, and I've come to decide that there is no huge bull-man in the sky."

"But then…who are we sending these paper lanterns to?"

"Nobody. There's nobody up there."

"That doesn't make sense. The horn-god wants paper lanterns, so we send them into the air. We wouldn't send them if the horn-god didn't want them."

"Why do you think he wants them?"

"Because we send them to him. And we wouldn't do that if he didn't want them."

"But what if there wasn't anybody up there…?"

"Then we wouldn't be sending lanterns. Come on, this is not very complicated."

"Right, but what if somehow we got FOOLED into thinking there was a horn-god."

"Wrong again. The horn-god isn't a trickster god. He is impeccably honest and would never deceive us."

"Right, assuming there is a horn-god."

"Right. And there is."

"But what if there isn't?"

"Then we wouldn't be talking about him."

"Ugh. OK, fine. The horn-god exists."

"Never a doubt in my mind."

Wear this shirt: and expect a lot of squinty-looks at your chest.

Don't wear this shirt: if you are a rural Chinese farmer (according to Wikipedia they hate these lanterns because of their propensity to light crops on fire).

This shirt tells the world: "Isn't this pretty?"

We call this color: The 9th-Century Navy