The Pilot

by wootbot

That's How You Get Nicknames, Rookie

First place in Derby #283: Slogans for Animals, with 236 votes!

Oh, yeah, everybody knows how pilots get. To be fair, it's not totally unjustified. Before you even step into a plane, you're through training and theory and paperwork and simulators. So many, many, many others wash out, after all, and even the worst pilot up there is still a pilot. You can't just get in a plane and go, not these days. You have to want it. Want it AND be good at it.

But when you think you're the best in the WORLD? When you start BOASTING about it? That's when there's trouble. See, some kid with new wings might THINK he can outfly a twenty year eagle-eye'd veteran, and maybe he can, but maybe he can't. If that kid keeps it fun and shows respect as well, everybody will understand and laugh it off as good-natured competition. But if that kid starts skywriting and opening the canopy in the air? Well, then. Somebody's going to get tagged as the man nobody wants guarding their wing. And if you weren't born to fly, you might forget one little fact.

There's no such thing as a flock of one.