The Pipe

by wootbot

She's in a dark place.

She can see you through the screen.

"Oh, her? Well, I'm not one to gossip about the other residents of Chocolate Island, but I heard she got trapped down there. She was waiting. For her plumber.

If you put that tape in a VCR and watch it, you can see him - it's just a fraction of a second, but he's there: Hurling tortoise shells. Breaking blocks. 

You can see his brother, too, for an instant. 

They say those boys can spit fire. 

Those fellas searched everywhere for her. Sky. Sea. Desert. Racetrack.

She was always a little … different. Had a tendency to wander. She was hard to track down.

So their search continues.

And all the while, she's still waiting in that pipe. Getting awfully impatient as the hours pass. 

… Just a matter of time before she's out, my friend. And then we'd better all be careful." 

"What's a VCR?"