The S'mores

by wootbot

The S'more you Know!

2nd place in Derby #285: Tour Shirts for Fictional Rock Bands, Editor's choice.

I'm a huge S'mores fan, so you can imagine I was heart broken when Jim S'morrison died. He was so young and just oozing with talent.

I had the privilege to see him and the S'mores live when I was young. They played all their big hits - like "Torch Me," "Roast House Blues," "[Marsh]mellow, I Love You." It was awesome! It didn't matter that it was a Tuesday night in Wisconsin; Jim was out of control!

That's just how he was, I gather. He didn't wait at the edge of the fire, gradually warming himself. He jumped right in, burst aflame, and just quickly, burned out, so to speak.

Of course, I'm sure the rest of the guys in the band went on to do great things.