The Three Classical States of Matter

by Wootbot

Planning For The Future

1st place in Derby #210: Chemistry, with 1064 votes!

So, lemme get this straight.

We’re going to jump in this time machine you’ve built in your parents garage and travel all the way back 75 million years into the past. Then, using only your dad’s shotgun, a few sticks of dynamite – Yes, Roger, fine, DINO-mite – and a ghetto blaster loaded up with Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, we’re going to somehow corral some dinosaurs together and, hopefully, kill them before they kill us. THEN, we’re going to mark that spot on our map, travel back to the future – no, I will not say it like Christopher Lloyd did – and use our life savings to drill for oil at that spot to become rich beyond our wildest dreams. That’s the plan, is it?

Sounds good to me. When do we leave?

Wear this shirt: if the price of gas is scarier than any dinosaur you ever learned about in school.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you’re worried about Peak Thunder Lizard.

This shirt tells the world: “It took millions of years for the dinosaurs to become sludge. All humanity needed was an Internet.”

We call this color: The Science Of Slate


Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
3X – S: 12.00” x 4.46”
WXL- K4: 9.00” x 3.34”

Pantone Color(s): White - 7405C - 7416C - Cool Grey 4C - Cool Grey 8C - Black

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