The Walk's End

by wootbot

Keep Movin'

So sayeth the Great Walker.

The boy and his dog came to The Great Walker to train, and so train they did. Day after day, week after week, month after month, they walked. Up hills, down stairs, over bridges, under towering pines, they strode along until their legs ached and throbbed.

On a clear day the boy saw, off in the distance, a glistening sea. "What will we do when we reach the end of the walk?" he asked the Great Walker. "Is that it? Are we simply finished walking?"

"My son," said the Great Walker to the boy and his dog, "The second most important thing to know about walking is that a walk is never over because there is always the walk back."

"Wait," said the boy, "What's the most important thing?"

"Be sure to download some good podcasts," said Great Master.