The Whos

by wootbot

Dr. Whose?

Wait wait, don't tell me... 

Ohhhhh ha ha I get it. It's a mash-up of that band and that one book, right? What was the name of it, again? It's on the tip of my tongue. I know it was a Dr. Seuss book … 

I've got it! It was the Seven Lady Godivas, right? You've never heard of it? It was that Dr. Seuss book with all the weird naked women it in that was hugely unpopular and eventually went out of print. Your shirt is a "Godivasmack/Godsmack" joke, right? 

No? OK, but don't tell me what it is - I'm keen to guess. GOT IT. Those characters are from Dr. Seuss's horrible, offensive political cartoon from WWII, right? You know, the ones with a shot of Hitler's butt with a huge swastika on it, or … whatever the heck is going on here. So it's a "World War Who" joke, right? 

Horton? Never heard of him. Was he one of Hitler's aides-de-camp?