Three Foxes

by wootbot


Foxes > Wolves. All day.

Hey, check out my shirt! Pretty hip, right?


What do you mean, 'meh'? It's a 3 Wolf Moon shirt!

"Exactly. Meh. Nobody cares about those anymore. These days, all the cool kids are wearing 3 Fox Leaf shirts."

What? 3 Fox Leaf?

"Yeah man! 3 Wolf Moon? That's some thrift store stuff."

Wasn't that always the point?

"Yeah, sorta. But it's gone from 'good find,' to one of the shirts that makes 'a good find' a good find because you really had to search through a lotta crap to find it, you know what I mean? Now, 3 Fox Leaf? That's a good find!"

Wait, so what is a 3 Fox Leaf shirt?

"Look, if I have to explain, then just forget it."

Oh, c'mon!

Wear this shirt: in the fall.

Don't wear this shirt: after the fall of civilization. Because if there were EVER a time you could get away with wearing NO SHIRT...

This shirt tells the world: "I'm foxy in the most traditional sense."

We call this color: quick brown fox