Through My Veins

by wootbot


We always know what to say! 

Not sure how to respond when someone says something snarky about about your cool new vein shirt? Well, we got you covered:

  • You're so vain, I bet you think this vein shirt is about you, don't you?
  • Leaf me alone about my shirt, okay?
  • You sir, do not understand high art(eries)!
  • If you're such a genius about shirts, why don't you show me your BODY of work! 
  • This shirt provides a lesson on circulation. You provide a lesson on jerk-ulation. No, I know that sounds kind of gross. But I'm talking about circulation. You're the one who went there in your mind, okay? Not me. Disgusting. I can't believe I even indulged you in this perverted conversation.
  • You would say that about my shirt, you uncultured bloodite! 

Just drop any one of these awesome comebacks and that doofus will pee his pants and run away crying. We [don't actually] guarantee it!