Throwback Thursday

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #336: Days Of The Week, with 125 votes!

Here is a photo of me, riding away from Count Malfieso's manor on my old propeller cycle. This was probably three years before I built my steam-powered dragon-copter out of wine barrels and old gears. #tbt

Here's one from way back. There I am with the young and beautiful Madame Camille VanShiek. Can you imagine, we were so close back then. Of course, that all changed when I tied her to the railroad track only to watch her be rescued by the mysterious masked stranger that went by the name "X." #tbt

Haha, look at me here, my pupils the size of dimes. I'd just come out of the optometrist's office where they'd used several archaic tools to test my eyes, so to fit them with the ridiculous-looking industrial goggles I still wear today. #tbt

Me, back when I was a seamstress, LOL! No, I wasn't sewing myself a pair of pants; I was beginning work on the balloon for my coal-powered blimp mansion. This was before I employed my team of worker chimps. Ah, life was so much simpler back then! #tbt