Time to Change Our Shirt: Shirt.Woot Now Using Anvil Blank Tees

by Shirt.Woot

It's a big day in our print shop, our warehouse, and your dresser drawer. Today Shirt.Woot adds a brand new supplier to our growing family.

This is the first time we've changed shirt suppliers since we launched in 2007, and we wouldn't have made a switch like this without some major reasons for it. For one thing, we really like the combination of stability and flexibility that going with Anvil provides. They've been in business for 150 years, so we're confident they know how to handle any challenge we throw at them.

It's part of our never-ending effort to make sure we've got the best options available for providing you, the teeming throngs of shirt-buying Internet types, shirts with pictures of cute fuzzy things on them. Peep the deets:

We couldn't make a change like this if it didn't maintain the high quality we pride ourselves on and you guys have come to know us for. We're still going to have shirts made of fine 100% combed, ring-spun cotton. Just like our current shirt, the new blanks will have a ribbed collar, taped shoulder seams, and double needle hems. The new shirts will weigh in at 4.5 oz. as opposed to our current 4.3 oz.

The roughly 80% of you who buy shirts in Men's sizes shouldn't notice any real change in the sizing of our shirts; they'll run barely 3/8" shorter, so unless you're right on that bubble you should be fine.

However, if you've been buying (or wishing you could buy) ladies' sizes, you'll notice some changes that hopefully will make the shirts seem more, y'know, built for ladies. Check our new, updated sizing chart (which we'll be posting very often until the news finally works its way through to everyone) and find out where you stand.

Corporate Responsibility
As their exhaustive and frank Corporate Social Responsibility progress report shows, Anvil holds itself to high environmental and labor standards. We realize the fact that they're made in Honduras will set off red flags for some people - honestly, we weren't sure about that ourselves at first. But with a 77% unionized workforce and 100% WRAP-certified factories, we're comfortable Anvil is serious about treating its workers decently.

Of course, cost is a factor, too. For a long time, we ran on thin margins that didn't leave us much room to experiment. Now we can continue expanding our selection and taking chances on different kinds of products that we may not have been able to try before. As we get more efficient, we'll roll out some new ideas that will make Shirt.Woot more fun for our community and our customers.

This change will not be instantaneous. We have a large inventory of our previous suppliers' shirt and we don't want to just dump them in the river (turns out there's a hefty fine) so we'll sell them off and replace them as we run dry.

We'll make it very clear when your size switches to the new version so you can anticipate the change, and we'll post another update when we're completely switched over. Be sure to check the specs for the next few weeks as we'll be updating the sizing charts to reflect the change. And before you get all "eggs in one basket" on us, Anvil is joining the network of distributors, not replacing them all. We'll maintain our current relationships with companies for stuff like our hoodies, longsleeve tees, aprons, etc.

We're sure you have questions and opinions about this - let 'em rip in the forum and we'll do our best to answer them. But as for us, we're excited to stride sleeve-in-sleeve with Anvil toward the glorious Shirt.Woot future.