Timey Wimey

by wootbot

Doctor Whom?

What do you call a combination of a hipster and a nerd? Insufferable 

"You're celebrating the 50th anniversary? Cool, cool. Let me guess -- you also enjoy The Beatles? Because that's just about as interesting." 

Who is that guy in the corner? 

The one with the skinny jeans and fedora? Ugh, that's Eric. He's a total nerdster. 

A what? 

"…and I said, "'V' was executed competently, but still totally derivative..." 

A nerdster: It's a combination of a nerd and a hipster. 

And he's too cool for the 50th anniversary? Isn't that what this party is about? 

Yeah, he just showed up to make sure everyone knows how sophisticated his tastes are. 

"Lately I've been into the indie 3D printing work that has been coming out of the former Soviet Bloc. Especially some of the smaller labels in Romania…" 

That sounds terrible. 

It is. But it's not as bad as the guy in the Obey muscle tee on the couch. He's a broster. 

"And I'm all like, bro, have you ever even been to Brooklyn?"