Tiny Dark Tower

by wootbot


Everything should be movies! 

We're making your favorite game into a movie. Or movies, more accurately. Here's how it's going to break down:

  • The first three levels will be one movie.
  • The fourth and fifth levels will be the second movie.
  • The sixth level will be the third movie. 
  • The seventh level will be split into three movies.
  • The eighth and final level will also be split into three movies.
  • The final boss battle that happens at the end of the eighth level will be made into a movie of its own, as will the final cut scene that plays after the battle.
  • There will be a prequel to the first movie.
  • There will also be a prequel to the prequel.
  • We've found a conversation the game creator had about a level that got cut. That'll be a movie too. 
  • There'll also be a movie based on an email the creator sent his wife.
  • And one based on an substantiated thing he said to a waiter once.

So that's 16 movies altogether. And we haven't even told you about the FX television series we'll make later! What's wrong? Why are you crying? We thought more was better!