Tis but a scratch

by wootbot

Wordy People

2rd Place in Derby #321: Text as Art, with 231 votes!

Gary, talk to me. Who we got cast on this thing?

"Yo, feel me out, bro. Alright, so, like, we're looking for someone to say the words, but who knows the words the best, you know?"

Um, I don't know. Who?

"The words themselves, bro. Think about it, it's like, let 'Tis but a scratch' say itself, you catching my drift?"

Not one bit.

"Okay, I'll start over, so like, who is an actor, right? A man to spout some words, right? But he doesn't define what they mean. The words define what the words mean, so to speak, understand?"

Are you saying there are no actors?

"Yeah, in the sense that I haven't cast anyone, but also in the cosmic sense too, right, you know, you feel me, got it?"

It smells smoky in here. But not like cigarettes. What is that?