by wootbot


It is time to talk about turtles.

There are many things to know about turtles, and luckily I know them and will tell you them. 

First of all, it is important to know about turtles that they are very slow. If a turtle were required to travel a big distance, it would take much time! Unless that turtle were placed into a car or a jet or if the turtle had rocket skates applied to its feet, much in the way that we humans apply sandals to our feet in the morning.

Another thing about turtles is that they have a thing on their back that is basically like a house for them called a shell. How nice would it be to have a house around all the time so that if you were in a place where you didn't like the couch you could just go use your own couch? But there is no telling whether turtles have couches in their shell houses. Or fireplaces for that matter. Since turtles don't have chimneys I'd bet against the fireplace, although I have seen smoke coming out of a turtle's shell once, but what happened next was tragic and terrible and I would like not to revisit that time in the mental sense.

Also, there are turtles that have made their way into culture, as in on the television. But many of these turtles are not real, so they will not be discussed here in this discussion of real turtles.

This is the conclusion of the facts about turtles that we know.