To Boldly Fall

by wootbot

The Fantastic Sgt. Fox

3rd Place in Derby #355: Fortune Favors the Bold, with 211 votes!

This week on the History Network: at last, one of the strangest and cutest secrets of World War II can now be told. When the Allies needed eyes, ears and noses behind Nazi lines, they turned to their wiliest animal friends: the Parafoxes.

They were bold. They were brave. They were foxes in parachutes. Wednesday at 10/9 Central, presenting the world premiere of FOXES OVER HITLER.

Pad into battle with the Parafoxes as they sniff out the holes in enemy defenses... dig up delicious secrets from Hitler's garbage cans... and flatter Nazi crows into dropping vital cheeses. FOXES OVER HITLER. Part of Scraping the Bottom of the Nazi Barrel week. Only on the History Network.