Tough Cookie and Leche Libre

by wootbot


Be careful when you go to Tijuana. You never know what you'll see.

So we went down to ol' TJ lookin' for trouble, right? We're just cruisin' around town, boozin' it up good and nice, when Nick gets this idea to go see a show. Not just ANY show, either. You know the kind I'm talking about. I figured they were just an urban legend, you know? No way they could actually exist in any decent world, right?

Well I was wrong.

Nick leads us down this dank alley that smells like urine and opium and it just gets narrower and darker until finally we have to turn sideways just to squeeze through. We come to this black iron door and Nick knocks on it and some dude opens a slot and asks for a password in Spanish. Nick says something about "La leche del diablo" or whatever and suddenly we're in this…pit. And it smells worse than the hallway. People are shouting and yelling over each other and the scene is pure chaos when suddenly my vision focuses on the ring in the center of the room, and it's like in a movie. Everything else just fades to the background and I see…well, I don't want to say what I saw.

But it was terrible.