Transporter Guide

by wootbot

Less is More

3rd Place in Derby #306: Space Infographics, with 169 votes!

Hey Gary! Thanks for making up that Transporter guide! I just had one little note.

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

You know how you outline a bunch of situations that could go wrong?


Well, I was thinking about it and I came up with a few more.

"You want me to add those? Because that's no problem."

No, quite the contrary. I want you to strip all of the examples out.


You see, we could sit here and come up with a ton of possible hazards of using a Transporter, but the truth is, we can't think of them all. So, instead of saying, 'here's what could go wrong' why don't we say one thing that encompasses everything.

"Like what?"

Oh, I don't know. Something like, 'Don't do anything dangerous.'

"That's a bit vague."

Exactly! It's vague. It covers everything. We're not liable. Someone gets hurt, we can say, 'hey, we told you not do anything dangerous!'

"So, we're being less helpful to save our butts?"

I knew you'd understand, Gary!