Tree Of Change

by wootbot

Science Says So

3rd Place in Derby #359: Metamorphosis, with 167 votes!

Hello, my name is a scientist and I'm here to say that this shirt is upheld as accurate by members of the scientific community, such as myself, a scientist, as I already mentioned. 

The shirt proposes that birds come from trees and this is 100% true.

This is a fact I have proven through research that I did on my own and with no funding provided to me by Shirt.Woot or any of Shirt.Woot's affiliates. 

My process in proving this fact was very scientific and complete. In fact, I have several graphs that show just how scientific and complete I was. They are in the other room, the one that the door over there leads to. See the door? That's how you know the graphs are real.

Once again, I am a scientist. My accomplishments are many. Some articles about them are in the same room as the graphs. Yes, the one through that door that we were talking about.

Where are my degrees, you ask? That is a very interesting question to bring up. I know I have them around here somewhere. Perhaps they are right here, out this open window. 

*The scientist dives out the open window and is never seen again.*