Tricorn of the Sacred Realm

by wootbot

A Taste To Remember

And this isn't even the corniest design we've run! *RIMSHOT*

Alright you guys, I got bad news: Kimble's Kandies is 4.5 million in a hole. If we don't roll out a hit this year, we're done. So what do we got?

"Well, this time of year, people are always putting out that dried, colored corn, right? Why don't we make something that looks and tastes kinda corny?"

That's interesting. Anyone else have an idea?

"I've actually been working on something. They're cone-shaped candies that are basically just clumps of weird sugar."

So what you're saying is, we should color those cone things and market them as a corn candy?


"Yeah, nobody's saying that."

Sorry, guys. All I heard was 'Cha-Ching!' Consider it greenlit!

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