Troubled Waters

by wootbot

Art Inspires Art

We were inspired by this shirt and so can you. 

What is art? Can it be categorized? Art is many things, but one aspect of art is a self-perpetuating system of inspiration and creation. What does that mean? Here's an illustration:

This shirt design combined with the title "Troubled Waters" inspired us to create this YouTube mashup. (Go ahead and watch it). (Don't worry, we'll wait right here). (No, really, watch it. There are few moments in life when the universe aligns itself like this. You don't want to miss it).

That mashup undeniably deserves the title "art." What of it? Well, the mashup was inspired by this shirt, so with a little bit of induction we can determine that this shirt is itself art. You might not have thought so before we dove into this questionably sound argument, but there it is.

We hope that some budding artist is out there now, watching the Shark Garfunkel mashup and getting inspired to create a macabre piece of art. Hopefully they're not getting inspired to kill themselves.

Wear this shirt: if you're embarrassed of your body and playing Sharks and Minnows

Don't wear this shirt: during Sea Cucumber Week

This shirt tells the world: "Everybody has to start somewhere."

We call this color: You're Going To Need A Baby Blue