Two Fish, One Line

by wootbot

Hook, Line, And Sinker

1st place in Derby #266: Single Line, with 608 votes!

"I'm really excited about this place. I've heard a lot of good things."

"You've never been? You're in for a treat, buddy. Best sushi in town. The fish is so amazingly fresh -- it's going to blow your mind"

"Awesome. So…it's on the waterfront here?"

"You could say that. Are you going to wear those pants?"

"I was going to. Uh oh, is it a fancy place?"

"Not at all, but they might get a little wet."


"Ohhhhh, alright. I can tell you've never done this style of sushi before. It's called 'Tumari.' How it works is that you stick your head under the water, and the sushi chef prepares cuts of fish as they swim by."

"That's crazy."

"Yup, crazy delicious. It will ruin non-Tumari sushi for you. It's just not nearly as fresh."

"So there's a sushi chef down there somewhere?"

"Yup. We have to locate him by the surfacing bubbles."

"I think I see some over there."

"Awesome. Those look like the bubbles of Daisuke-san. He's my favorite. Here's your snorkel gear. Dive in!"

Wear this shirt: and discover it is made with only one long thread.

Don't wear this shirt: around people who hate symbols of universal harmony.

We call this color: Black And Yellowfin.

This shirt tells the world: "There's a thin line between a thick line and a very thin line."