Ugly Holiday Sweater 2012

by wootbot

A Brief History of Sweater

The Ugly Holiday Sweater has a long and storied history spanning many cultures.

People often think ironically ugly holiday sweaters are a recent development in yuppie culture, but in truth many cultures across several continents have used some version of the holiday sweater for centuries:

  • The Gaels of ancient Ireland decorated their chests with a rudimentary paint made from the sap of trees, drawing reindeer-like shapes.
  • Mixtec Indian tribes carved ornate wooden vests depicting large, fierce white bears and sleds carrying large warriors clothed in red. It is believed the vests were a type of ceremonial armor used on the eve of battles.
  • Norse elders acquired intricate tattoos of snowflakes, yetis, and moose as they achieved notoriety on the battlefield and respect in their villages.
  • Bactrians wove delicate shawls and scarves depicting fanciful images from far away lands they traded with, such as men made of snow and red-nosed deer flying through the sky.
Wear this shirt: To your inevitable "ugly holiday sweater" party.

Don't wear this shirt: To the North Pole. You'll want more layers than this.

This shirt tells the world: "Isn't it HILARIOUS?! Isn't it?! ISN'T IT?!!!!"

We call this color: I still want a hula black.