Under Northern Lights

by wootbot

Aurora Bored-ealis

1st Place in Derby #344: Purple, with 319 votes!

Greg the existentially depressed electron came hurtling out of the sun's cornea at 400 kilometers per second and wondered, "What does it matter? Why am I here?" Greg had only existed as a free charged subatomic particle for a matter of milliseconds, but it seemed like an eternity. 

"I'm just going to shoot into the vastness of space and disappear," Greg thought, furrowing his brow. "Nobody will ever know I existed. My presence or absence does not matter in any way imaginable. I'm nothing." 

But Greg did not shoot into the vastness of space. He got caught in the electromagnetic pull of the Earth (a small rocky thing) and tugged towards one of its poles. "Oh great." Greg thought. "I'm just going to crash into this planet and get sucked into an ionized oxygen molecule. That's even worse." 

Greg did plummet into the Earth's "northern" pole, sending out a nearly infinitesimal ray of greenish light. A man standing near the pole looked up into the cold air and saw the tiny ray -- Greg's ray -- mixed with millions and billions of similar rays, and smiled.