Unicorn Spotting

by wootbot


Fake creatures deserve fake facts.

7 things you might not know about unicorns:

  1. Despite looking like horses, unicorns actually belong to the snake family.
  2. A lot artisanal ice cream shops have a unicorn in the back so they can get the shape of their waffle cones just right.
  3. The unicorn's primary food source is the unibrowed human. 
  4. Unicorns are colorblind, so all those images of unicorns and rainbows are really demeaning and insensitive. 
  5. Unicorns have really sharp vision and concentration. Not one unicorn has ever lost that whole "which cup is the bean under" game.
  6. There is no word for "cliff" in the unicorn language because there are no physical cliffs in the unicorn's native country. That's why, whenever you say, "Oh man, the last episode ended with such a cliffhanger," your unicorn friend will be like, "A what now? Like what you put your shirts on?"
  7. To unicorns, salt tastes sweet, which sounds fun but then when you think about it, unicorns have never truly experienced what soft pretzels taste like. 

Do you know some rare facts about unicorns? Post 'em in the comments!