Upsetting the Balance

by wootbot

Something's Fishy

​1st Place in Derby #326: Double-Take Derby 22, with 219 votes!

How did cats come to love fish? It's not just that they're willing to eat fish as they're willing to eat any kind of meat -- they go absolutely bonkers for seafood. I occasionally fed my cat tuna in his youth, and although two years have passed since he last at it and he still freaks out at the merest whiff. 

But what cat in the wild could ever catch a fish? The first obstacle, of course, is that cats hate water (thus the old adage reference in Macbeth, "The cat loves fish, but does not like to wet her paws"). Yet even if one was willing to overcome this reluctance for the sake of a snack, how would she do it? 

There is just simply no way that a cat could catch a live, swimming … oh crap. The internet proved us wrong again: