Urban Ice II

by wootbot

City Blouse, Country Blouse

Thinking about moving to the city? Take heed! 

The United States is a highly urbanized population. Despite its frontier, rural affect, nearly 3/4 of the nation's population lives in cities. Do you live in the sticks but are thinking about moving to the big city? Here are some city-living pro/cons to help you decide.

PRO: Cities are filled with interesting, dynamic people!
CON: Cities are filled with insane, megalomaniacal people!

PRO: You're right in the center of things.
CON: You're right in the center of an inescapable whirlpool of work, unsavory social engagements, and loneliness (which is ironic, given that you're surrounded by millions of people).

PRO: Cities have lower unemployment and better-paying jobs.
CON: You'll work 60 hour weeks and spend all your money on rent and take-out.

PRO: Cities are vibrant cultural centers.
CON: Every surface in a city is a vibrant bacterial culture.