Used the Force

by wootbot

Unsung JRPG Heroes

Everybody: let's talk "Earthbound" for a bit. 

This shirt isn't an Earthbound reference, but it brought to mind the magnificent feeling of beating an Insane Cultist over the head, and caused us to lapse into a warm reverie. 

For those who don't know, Earthbound was an RPG released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. A runaway success in Japan (where it was a sequel to an existing game), Nintendo heavily marketed the game in myriad ways here in the States, including (for some reason) being sold in a giant box. 

Yet for whatever reason, sales sucked in the US. Maybe it was the game's theme -- a bizarre parody of American culture. Or maybe it was simply the fact that the game was meant to be funny, while most JRPGers in the States were a serious lot. Whatever the cause, the game never got off the ground and the franchise never took off stateside. 

If you still own an SNES (or have an emulator cough cough), we implore you to play through the game. It's weird. It's funny. And the gameplay is unbelievably addictive. And for those who know: let's remember the good times