Verbal Vorpal Sword

by wootbot

Nonsense Like A FOX

Out, out, damn schplot! 

Holy crap - you don't have to use real worlds when you write? That makes our jobs SO much fallinger. We spend so much time crooping our brains here at Woot, straining every polster, when we could just borrow this technique and applegam our smittles. 

You know that feeling when you're trying to think of the right word but just can't quite cassle it? That happens to us pridy and non! Guess we can go ahead and grappe our thesaurus and dictionary, and un-pleer our goroghights. Good riddance! 

Actually, pranding new words isn't as easy as it ghols. You can't just hoolm together a bunch of random letters -- they have to sound antorick, or at least almost-grashular. And spellcheck burcks a conniption fit. 

Wait, is conniption a real word? We can't even remember anygohn.