Vintage Trooper

by wootbot

I'm Clonely

3rd Place in Derby #347: Inspired By Vintage Posters, with 227 votes!

Heyyyy pretty lady, why don't you take off that mask and kiss me iconically in Times Square? What, are you upset by my overt objectification of your sexuality? It's a different time, baby! A time when men could be men, which is another way of saying "men could be jerks." 

I'm a member of the Greatest Generation, and you're just a dime-a-dozen broad from Jersey City with a blaster and a short skirt. There are a hundred other dames just like you. In fact, there are literally tens of thousands of exact replicas of you -- clones -- that I could verbally harass if I wanted. But I choose you. 

So whattaya say, sweetie? Will you kick off those heels, take off that mask, and give it a go with this 1940s post-war male stereotype?

Say, you're pretty tall for a -- *BAM*