Vulpa Major

by wootbot

B4 3D

1st Place in Derby #291: Video Game Titles Reinterpreted, with 281 votes! 

Long ago, Zeus ordered his smith Hephaestus to build him a new graphics chip, and Hephaestus made a chip out of clay and named her 'Super FX'. Zeus gave her a 16-bit game console and sent her to Earth, but warned her never to use the console.

Super FX was very curious, and though she tried to refrain, one day she couldn't hold back and she played a game on the console. Suddenly, many three-dimensional graphics started flying out. She tried to push them back in the console but she could not.

The new graphics were called Lighting, Shadows, Anti-Aliasing, and Pixel Shading. They flew across the world, displacing all the fun two-dimensional games until only serious, graphics-intensive 3D games were left.

Super FX wept and wept, for she knew that what she had done could not be undone. Gone were the days of cartoonish graphics and simple gameplay, leaving only serious, graphically-intense games.

THE MORAL: Listen to Zeus.