We Be Rollin'

by wootbot

Classic Joke

Okay, so six dice walk into a bar...

And the bartender's like, "How can I help you fellas?" and then he immediately feels bad, because he doesn't know if all these dice are fellas.

And really this is just another in a long line of foot-in-his-mouth moments for the bartender. He often speaks without considering his phrasing.

But of course none of these moments stung as badly as the one that cost him Amber. Had he just stopped for a second and considered what she was really asking when she asked, "What do you think of this new pound cake recipe?" they might still be married today.

He knew now that it wasn't nearly as simple of a question as it seemed. No, she was not seeking a review for the cake she had just baked. It was a test. What she wanted to know was, "Can you ever just say what I'd like to hear?"

Looking back on it, the bartender is fairly certain that Amber, in fact, took great care to make a sub par pound cake. After all, she'd won ribbons for her pound cakes in the past. Why would she have changed her recipe when she had one that worked so well?

These are the things that the bartender thinks about often. No, not often. All the time.

But anyway, the dice don't seem offended at all, so maybe they are all fellas. "We'd each like a pint of gluten-free beer," say the dice.

"Oh, we don't have gluten-free beer here," says the bartender.

And since they can't get what they want, the dice say, "Let's roll!"

And they do. Except for the pyramid-shaped dice, whose shape does not allow for easy rolling.

(Get it? The punch line is nobody from around here would go into this bar and order gluten-free beer, so these dice are clearly tourists.)

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