When Cowboys Roamed The Earth

by wootbot

New Horse

My horse? Well, he's rather large...

There's an old saying that goes, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and that's particularly true for my horse, not just because he was given to me as a gift, but because I can fit my whole body into his mouth. I could probably stretch out in there, take a nap. I've considered doing such when we're on the trail, but I don't trust him, not just yet.

Why? For one, he's slow. And that's when he's moving at all. Half the time he's stopped to eat the pine trees or stare longingly at the mountains. And gosh, if I'm trying to keep a low profile, forget it! Even when I duck I'm well over the tree line.

But I'll work that out of him. And besides, it's worth it for the intimidation factor I get when I tie him up outside of the saloon. That is if he doesn't pull the whole saloon down, which he's done a couple of times.