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by wootbot

Catch a Whiff

1st Place in Derby #310: Double-Take Derby 21 , with 176 votes!

Have you guys ever played Wiffle ball? IT'S THE BEST! Seriously, it's AMAZING! It's totally unlike anything else ever. It's way better than baseball, softball, tee-ball, and kickball. In fact, just now, when I compared them, that was stupid, because they're INCOMPARABLE! 

Wiffle ball just transcends everything, you know? It's not a game; it's a lifestyle. You gotta rep Wiffle ball EVERYWHERE YOU GO! You gotta have Wiffle ball bumper stickers and Wiffle ball shirts and Wiffle ball posters, all that stuff. And whenever you're around someone who also enjoys playing Wiffle ball, it's required that you talk about Wiffle ball with them. Loudly. 

Of course, these days all the Wiffle ball talk is about how they're retiring the last Wiffle ball bat design. What will the new Wiffle ball bat will look like? Will it be another long plastic bat? Nobody will know for sure until they unveil it!