by wootbot


1st Place in Derby #368: Football!, with 194 votes!

Alright, hoof it on over here, team. Huddle up! Soooeee! Shut your snout for a second, Maxwell. You, too, Napoleon. This is important.

Okay. Look how far we've come. We’re in the playoffs now. We’ve taken on the baddest teams in the league.

We pummeled the Green Bay Porkers!

We owned the Oinkland Raiders!

We squashed the Seattle Seahogs!

...and we trounced the Tampa Bay Baconneers!

It’s all led to this one moment.

We have an opportunity to get out there and make history this evening. I want to see you at your best.

Plenty of folks said we’d never make it this far, you know. Plenty of folks think we’re just a bunch of nobodies. Well, we’re going to prove them all wrong.

Tonight, you’re not just some pigs. Tonight, you’re gonna be terrific.