Wrinkled, In Time

by wootbot

A Sound Of Blunder

We really can't overstate how delicate the space-time continuum is these days. 

"Time to start doing this Shirt.Woot writeup. OK, looks like a mashup. Maybe I'll do some kind of meta time-travel joke--"

"WAIT! Don't do it!"

"Wha? Who are you?"

"I'm you!"


"Yes, I'm you from one day in the future, and I've been sent back in time to stop you from doing a self-referential time-travel writeup."

"Why? I think it'll be fun."

"You don't understand the consequences of your actions. This contorted time-travel writeup will tear a hole in the Shirt.Woot continuum, plunging it into a wormhole of self-perpetuating referential humor."


"That's what I said. Yesterday. When I was you."

"Wait, you were visited by yourself, too?"

"Yup, and I warned me not to do a self-referencing time-travel writeup."


"Why didn't you heed him? Er…you? Er…us?"

"I thought I did, but just ended up writing up our conversation instead, which itself was a self-referential time-travel dialogue."



"Nevermind, we'll get it right next time."