WTF Mondays

by wootbot

What The Fateful Finding

Sometimes we stumble across something that's too good not to shoehorn into a writeup. 

Man, Mondays are just the worrrrrrrrst. If only there was something that could snap us out of the Monday duldrums and put us in a good mood, but what could that possibly be

It would have to be something so absurd that it could break through the haze of sleeplessness and mild hangover we're all currently experiencing, but what could possibly be that weird? We might as well just give up and soldier on. 

It just seems like the whole world's against you on Mondays, and you need some inspiration to pursue your dreams, no matter how old and out of touch you are. But what? What could possibly lift off this oppressive veil of early-week sadness and inspire us to tackle the challenges of the day? 

Nothing, that's what.