You Have to Try This Guys

by Wootbot

Bunday Bloody Bunday

They’ve Rabbit Off More Than They Can Chew.

The first one was an accident. We were fleeing from Mr. Greg’s shovel only Floppy wasn’t fast enough. I went back to give her one last goodbye kiss. One last, delicious goodbye kiss. Before long, there was nothing left but her paws. And I knew… the hunger.

The next day I met Mippsy and Hopper and told them about a special place where there was lettuce as big as their heads. I strangled Hopper with my own paws. Sweet little Mippsy was so horrified she couldn’t move. When I was done with her, I began to sew my new face.

Soon everyone in the hutch was whispering. I began to leave little clues scattered around. I couldn’t help myself. The bones arranged in a pattern. Secret messages scratched onto peppers and onions. It was like a big game. A game I was always winning. I stayed one step ahead.

When they caught me I was dancing in front of the mirror dressed in a pair of gloves made out of my old friends. I suppose, in a way, I was glad it was over. I didn’t even know who I was any more. All that was left was… the hunger.

Wear this shirt: when you’d like to show off your chest hares.

Don’t wear this shirt: around anti-fur protesters. Or pro-carrot protesters. Or people who hate cartoon shrubbery.

This shirt tells the world: “I’ve got a bunny feeling about that guy.”

We call this color: Easter Grass

Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
3X – S: 13” x 4.32”
WXL - K4: 9” x 2.99”

Pantone Color(s): White – 657C – 136C – 363C – 1795C – Black

Please check American Apparel's sizing chart for men, for women or children before you order. The Woot Tee, constructed by American Apparel, follows their classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.