You Killed My Father

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #365: 10K, Round 3: Pop Culture Mash-Ups, with 272 votes!

You think that's shocking?! Check out THESE little-known plot twists:

- Jaws was actually an oblivious ghost!

- The Alien bursts from Kane’s chest … and it’s a tranny!

- Hooker and Gondorff kill Dumbledore, who is actually Jason Voorhees, who is his own daughter!

- Detective Mills opens the box … and there’s Rosebud!

- Tyler Durden eats Jigsaw!

- Soylent Green is Keyser Söze!!

- Andy Dufresne was on Earth the whole time!

- Arlington Road becomes a cul-de-sac!

- Leonard Shelby's a sentient car!

- The Mist was actually haunted smog!

Who knew?