by Wootbot

Beer has a bad reputation, doesn’t it? Even among the people who drink it like water. You ask anyone what they think of when they hear the word wine and they’ll tell you about some vampire in a tuxedo sipping from a glass as he stands above the homeland he rules with an iron fist, looking down from the window of his ancestral castle. Then you ask the same people about beer and they’ll tell you about the time they saw four pirate zombies doing the Electric Slide with their pants off. Why can’t all the alcohols get the same sort of respect?

This shirt was designed by: Blair Sayer, freelancer, illustrator, New Zealander, and the designer of Death Drinks A Mai Tai. So one day, when you’ve passed on, you’ll probably want to look up the disembodied spirit of Blair. Because clearly he’s the un-life of the party.

Wear this shirt: when you’re going out with the werewolves to listen to Dizzee Rascal and play foosball and drink until you can’t actually see.

Don’t wear this shirt: anywhere there’s going to be a cheese course or more than two different forks.

This shirt tells the world: “I’m probably not interested in your selection of microbrews and imports.”

We call this color: They Walk Among Us, Yet Are No Longer Olive

Placement: Centered

Printed Size:
3X – M: 7.5” x 10.66”
S – WS: 5.62” x 7.99”

Pantone Color(s): – 1797 C – 478 C – 7412 C – 123 C – 7499 C

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