Zombie U

by wootbot

Why are you still lurching through the streets, moaning, when you could be earning your degree?

3rd place in Derby #272: College Shirts, Guest Editor fishbiscuit5's pick!

Yo yo yo, man. I used to be just like you: sittin' on the couch, eatin' some chips and just staring at the TV wondering, "When am I gonna get a chance at a career in exciting fields like Motorcycle Repair, Air Conditioning Technician, Welding, and more?" Then it hit me: put down the remote, pick up the phone, and call Zomberott College.

Zombies like you are earning up to five figures in steady careers. Start earning real money. Make your parents proud. Support yourself and finally move out from that dilapidated shack you share with four roommates. Call Zomberott today!

Wear this shirt: To that stupid 8 am class your advisor signed you up for.

Don't wear this shirt: If you intend on having any kind of physical intimacy in your life.

This shirt tells the world: "My major requires a lot of braaaaaaaaiiins! hehehe- Oh come on, don't storm off like that."

We call this color: Sickly silver pallor.