Thursday, September 11


Thursday, July 03

Introducing The $10K Cup!

by Sean Adams

The $10K Cup is here, and it's your chance to get 10,000 extra big ones for your derby-winning shirt design! Here's how it works:

For every derby in July (#363-#366), things will run pretty much like they always do. You'll submit a design. Users will vote. The top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote-getters will sell on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively. 

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Thursday, June 19


by Sean Adams


We looked at how we do things, and we came to the conclusion that the old way of dealing with Honorable Mentions - posting them to the blog, then doing a Double-Take Derby, then having an Honorable Mentions plus sale - is pretty dumb. We want to follow up with great designs IMMEDIATELY, and that means putting 10-12 Honorable Mentions up for sale as soon as possible after a derby is over! For some perspective: In the past we've run around 200 Honorable Mention designs in a year. With this new setup, we'll add more than 500.

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Tuesday, September 03


Monday, May 06

American Apparel or Anvil? For A Limited Time, Take Your Pick

by Jason Toon

Here at Shirt.Woot, we're always trying to listen to our community, to meet your needs, gain your trust, and take your money. So for the proverbial "limited time", we're offering our daily shirt designs on your choice of our current Anvil blanks for $12 or American Apparel blanks for $13. Think of it as a low-calorie, less messy alternative to the McRib.

That's right: fans of our original slim-fit AAs can have their favorites, while fans of our current Anvil standard shirts can have theirs. This applies only to our Dailies - not our All Designs catalog, not our Top 20, not our Dailies after they move off the front page. So if you see a Daily that you want on American Apparel enough to pay an extra buck, buy it on its first day.

You guys wouldn't happen to have any opinions about this particular issue, would you? Let fly in the forums below. And enjoy the choice while it lasts, because it won't last long.

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